Phoenix Wireless Internet Service Provider

Phoenix Wireless Internet Service Provider for Business
Phoenix Wireless Internet Service Provider

We offer Phoenix wireless Internet service to business customers who need highly
reliable and bandwidth from 10 MB to 1,000 MB or more. Our multi network coverage
in the Phoenix market gives us more fixed wireless coverage than any other source.
We offer Ethernet hand-off of high capacity WiMax connections at very competitive
rates. Our connections can be a scalable primary connection or a backup circuit.

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Phoenix Wireless Internet Service

You can also call us for a free consultation at 1-800-400-2246

We also offer high cap LTE wireless service, so our coverage is complete, nationally.
If your business is located in an area without regular WiMax coverage, our LTE service
can be just as good. Our high cap service is geared towards construction sites or
other business locations that need reliable service with lower monthly data transfers.

Below are our Phoenix wireless Internet coverage maps:

Below are other areas where we can help you locate fixed wireless connections:

Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore | Boston | California | Chicago | Cleveland | Dallas | Ely NV
Fort Lauderdale
 | Ft. Worth |
Houston | Las Vegas | Little Rock | Los Angeles
| Milwaukee | New York | New JerseyOrange County | Orlando | Philadelphia
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| San Antonio | San Diego | San Francisco | Santa Barbara
Seattle |
| Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro CA | Gilroy, CA | Vernon CA

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